Are you interested in fast, dynamic but still precise shooting for long distances?

Are you a shooter who needs more than prone position and softly pulling the trigger?

Do you want to know the fundamentals of marksmanship, basic and advanced principles of precision rifle shooting from unstable and non-standard positions or „stuff“ like MOA or MRAD, first focal plane or second focal plane?

And finally – do you want to enjoy shooting in a way you have probably never done before?

If you´ve said at least once „YES“, this could be just right for you!


Welcome to the




DAY 0 Sunday
05.00 p.m. and later, arrivals, registration check
DAY 1 Monday
(min ca. 50 rounds)  
07.00 a.m. official welcome by the event organiser, safety briefing
08.00 a.m. theory class / dry fire practice (stable positions, technique)
11.30 a.m. lunch time
01.00 p.m. zeroing 50 / 100m, shooting fundamentals
05.00 p.m. dry fire practice (fundamentals, drills)
07.00 p.m. end of the day
DAY 2 Tuesday  
(min ca. 125 rounds)  
07.00 a.m.
theory class (barricades, unstable positions)
09.00 a.m. shooting program
11.30 a.m. lunch time
01.00 p.m. shooting program
05.00 p.m. dry fire practice (fundamentals, drills)
07.00 p.m.  end of the day
DAY 3 Wednesday
(min ca. 125 rounds)  
09.00 a.m. shooting program
11.30 a.m. lunch time
01.00 p.m. shooting program
05.00 p.m. end of seminar program
06.00 p.m. departures

All times can be adjusted to shooters needs


Shooting program

All participants will proceed in a group divided to two-men shooters teams. On all stages shooters will hold the position of shooter and non-shooter (will learn them how to read the misses or call the wind, etc.).

During the second and third day they will attend all ranges to practice different type of training program. Each of it will take aproximately 2-4 hours of shooting from different positions, under the time or physical stress or for long range.


  • paper targets up to 100m
  • effective dynamic training structure
  • stable positions, shooting technique
  • dynamic handling the rifle

Dynamic shooting      

  • steel targets up to 500m
  • training area to build ballistics charts 
  • multiple target stages to train dynamic basics, stress fire, rapid fire and fundamentals
  • physical and time stress
  • decision-making training

Barricades / unstable positions

  • steel targets up to 200m
  • 10 different obstacles to train unstable positions and fundamentals
  • physical and time stress
  • decision-making training



Dry fire practice

After conducting a life fire shooting at the end of the day all participants are offered to use shooting range, targets and obstacles for dry fire practice to train different shooting positions, measuring the distances to targets and to get into the next day scenarios.



Breakfast and dinner is on shooter´s own responsibility.

Lunch (DAY 1 – 3) is ensured by organiser. There are few options of daily menu (it will be specified in the beginning of the seminar).

Shooters can buy basic food every day in near town Příbram.

Every day afternoon there will be the possibility to grill some meal on the range.



On shooter´s own responsibility in own tents, cars, under the sky in own sleeping bag or in nearby motels or villages (aprox. up to 15km from shooting range).

Lodging outside the shooting range (motels, hotels, …) is not provided by organiser. But it is possible to give some contact for lodging in nearby town Příbram (aprox. 40EUR / night)

Shooting range facilities include toilets, washroom and a lot of space for tents or cars/vans.


Eligible participants: Persons over 18 years of age1 
  (open to civilians, military, police,…)
Deadline: 21-14 days prior the seminar
Language: Seminar will be led ONLY in English
Type of rifle: Semi-automatic, single shot / sport bolt action
Calibre and ammunition: .223 Remington to .338 Lapua Magnum 
  ONLY with soft-core bullets (lead, copper, brass)
  MINIMUM 300 rounds each (500 recommended)
Weapon storage: NOT provided.
  Each shooter is responsible for his weapons oneself.
  (we will be all the time on the shooting range)
Permitted accessories2: Bipod, mirage band, tripod, red dots, etc.
Permitted aids2: Laser range finders, support sandbags and spotters, etc.
Eye and ear protection: Glasses and ear protection strictly recommended
Clothing/outfit: Military camouflaged, civilian leisurewear or sportswear

1Only those participants who have registered using the registration form and approved by organiser will be allowed to take part in the workshop. Note that it is not possible to register on the ground.

2Shooter can use everything which can be determined as usuall equipment for this kind of shooting (tactical, dynamic sport precision shooting).


Shooter requierements

All participants must fulfil these requirements:

  • slightly experienced (basic knowledges of ballistics, zeroing rifle)
  • get used to their gear (not applicable for shooters who just bought their rifle, scope,…)
  • ammunition can be reloaded or factory but must be tested and known to shooter prior the seminar to prevent failures on the range
  • knowledge of own ballistics chart up to 300m (with 100m zero distance)
  • knowledge of own muzzle velocity
  • riflescope with at least 16x magnification recommended
  • for .223 Remington shooters – recommended rifle setup is at least 18“ barrel length and 69gr or 77gr bullets (for full benefit of seminar)

The owner of the shooting range stipulates to cut down or cancel the seminar due to their need. In these exceptional cases I am not able to guarantee the realization of the seminar for 100%. In case of cancellation from the owner I will inform you ASAP to clarify the situation and the entry fee will be returned to the remitter´s account or will be shifted to next suitable seminar.

The possession and use of alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on the shooting range during the seminar!

Drug testing shall be conducted by the Czech Police Department which can come to the seminar. Specifically, individuals will be tested for the presence of controlled substances and such individuals MUST TEST NEGATIVE for the presence of controlled substances.


Shooting range Placy u Příbrami

This private shooting range offers many opportunities to do sport / tactical precision shooting.

It is located just about 45min south of Prague in the Central Bohemia.

It consists of:

  • 50m combat field for handgun, rimfire or assault rifles
  • 100m field for rimfire or assault rifles
  • 500m field for sniper or precision rifles

GTac – Dynamic Precision Rifle

Martin ŠLAICHRT „Grinch“

  • born in 1983
  • since 2003 „behind the rifle“, serves in the Czech Air Force (at the present time holding a position of a Mi-24/35 helicopter pilot at the 22nd AFB Namest nad Oslavou) with GTac – Dynamic Precision Rifle project as officially approved secondary profession
  • STANAG 6001 SLP3 in English
  • S.E.R.E level C (of course lvl A, B 😀 )
  • many other Air Force or Army officers courses but they are not important
  • started with air-rifles, passed through rimfire rifles and stucked with „big bore“ rifles
  • more than 10 years of publishing shooting related articles and websites
  • owned or tested more than 30 semi-automatic or bolt-action rifles and more than 20 riflescopes (Vortex, Deon March, Nightforce, Sightron, Kahles, Schmidt&Bender, Athlon, …)
  • few years of organizing Tactical-rimfire competitions
  • „first official GTac class“ in 2014
  • till now more than 40 seminars (INTRO, ADVANCED and SEMINAR) and more than three houndred of satisfied shooters

„I do everything on a professional level and by my own way. I care about personal approach based on my long-standing experience of leading and working with people. This is the only way to have friendly and honest relation.“ 

„The long range precision shooting is about information! Get as much as possible, put them on a pile, pick one by one and take what is the best for you.“

„I don´t tell you this is the best rifle, this is the best scope, technique… I will ask you what your background is and then I can advice you what are the best OPTIONS for you and for your background.“

„I don´t like to work with shooters in a  way REGISTER-PAY-COME-LEAVE-FORGET. Everyone who came has the opportunity to join our group of shooters, friends, and enjoy our trainings or other possibilities to meet and practice during the year.“

„A lot of shooters attend the classes on a regular basis because they know what I can offer and how high level it has. And of course we became really good friends.“

„I don´t like to call me an instructor because it´s also me who will be learning something new for my entire life. I hold my classes to show my approaches in theory, techniques, hardware setup and to share our common experience.“

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